Get To Know The Man Ra Sa Khet / Beats By Ra

Beats by Ra was officially established in 2015 by Ra Sa Khet Seshsha. Before Ra started Beats By Ra, he started an entertainment production company Step Ahead Entertainment and til this day is still very much involved with every aspect of Step Ahead Entertainment business affairs. Ra Sa Khet has been around good music, throughout his entire life. Raised in a large family, were each member had some type of musical talent. Not having true talent for singing or playing instruments, Ra found his passion in engineering music, producing music, video, film, writing music, acting, and the arts. He has been making beats since the late 90’s, brother Ra has accumulated many years of experience in his craft.

What Motivates Beats By Ra, Anyway?

Our goal is to provide affordable, high quality, professional beats (instrumentals) for artist, record labels, producers, film makers, commercials, games, and anywhere there’s a need for good music. Also, we want to educate and share the wisdom we’ve accumulated up to this point. Professional service and providing professional services is a top priority. We want to make sure you can select from a wide range of Hip-Hop, Trap, Rnb, Soul, and Pop mixed and mastered instrumentals. BeatsByRa.com is proud to be leading the way. We aim to be the number 1 beat store on the net., all we need now is YOU. BeatsByRa.com, is made up of a team of very experienced professionals, skilled in musical arts. Over 30 plus yrs. of combined experience, a few college graduates, and a few highly talented self taught staffers, that really enjoys, and loves music period. They care about the work they do, and who they do the work for. This is what motivates Beats By Ra and his talented team.



Newest Beats

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