What is a non-exclusive leased beat?  A non-exclusive leased beat is a beat sold to multiple artist.

What is an exclusive beat?   A exclusive beat is a beat sold to one artist only.

Does a non-exclusive leased beat have a time limit?  Yes, all non-exclusive beats can be used under contract restrictions for up to a year, 365 days from day of lease, if beat is still available at that time, you can renew lease or you can upgrade your lease agreement.

Do free beat downloads, have a contract agreement?  Yes, Same as a Mp3 standard non-exclusive lease.

How Are The Beats Made ?

BeatsByRa is made to save you time “It’s not just loops” all of his beats comes and a full length professional song arrangement. This is so you the artist can download and start creating a song right away.

How To Get A Customize Beats Made ?

To have a customize beat made from BeatsByRa, you as the artist are company must contact BeatsByRa.com direct. All customize beats is not sold for the same price of a lease beat. These Beats will not be put on the Beat Store for any artist or company to use customize Beats from BeatsByRa come with a lot of opportunity if needed. for examples when an artist or company have a track Produced by BeatsByRa if you don’t have Distribution, or a Placement outlet you came to the right place. BeatsByRa don’t be leave and music sitting around on hard drives not doing nothing. See some of the Artist, TV Shows and Movies that BeatsByRa customize Beats for and much more.




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